Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm afraid i've been a weenie

As a business owner, I know that you have to periodically reinvest in your business in order to be successful. It takes time and money to make it work.

I have been the first to admit that I haven't been giving it the time, butI also haven't been giving it the money. I have been trying too hard to force BC to stand on it's own (with the exception of licenseing).

I won't even get into the website issues.

I am fixing it all now. I just placed an order that will completely resotck my supplies. I haevn't done that since I started. Tonight, I will post products to Artfire, a shopping website I went ahead and subscribed to. I'm ordering a soap stamp, and I WILL set aside at least one night a week to devote to my business.

It's a start. I'm also convincing myself that I should get up early every day and take care of stuff since I so rarely have time at night. That will take a lot more disipline. I hate getting out of bed.

I know I talk alot about doing it but over the last couple of days I have really felt a resurgance of motivation. I'm excited.  Again.