Friday, April 1, 2011

The way I choose to see it

It seems as though every time I want to move forward, something blocks my way. Right now I am figuring out how to handle the following issues:

I need a new camera. Mine is several years old and no longer taking pictures like it used to.
I need a new printer. Mine is several years old and doesn't print like it used to.
I need a computer upgrade. Mine is several years old and has never been upgraded. So now programs (and printers!!!) don't run on it.
The bubble phone died.
I need new business cards, labels, sample packaging. But I need a new printer in order for them to look nice. And I may be getting a new number if AT&T can't fix the phone.
My sewing machine is still wonky.

Are we sensing a trend? As I left my day job last night I mentioned to my coworker that I was going to go get a printer. That sometimes it feels like every time I turn around I have a new technological issue and that I can't tell if it's the universe telling me to throw in my hat, or if it's just giving me challenges to rise to.

I am choosing to believe number two.