Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What? Oh No!

I recieved a call the other day from the city planning department who was looking over my business liscence. They had not done this before, but that's ok, I have nothing to hide and passed that hurdle easily. The difficulty is this:

Apparently, my phone number is wrong. It goes to some poor lady who is getting rather frustrated with the call volume.I think she must have been issued my last number. But I hardly gave out any cards or samples during that time!!

Lots of calls= good!! Awesome! excellent!
Wrong number?= Super Bad.

And in this day of internet, it's REALLY hard to fix the mistakes. really hard. I've signed up with two different listing sites now trying to fix this and although the issue is supposed to be fixed with at least one of them, it's still listed incorredtly. SHOOT.

I know i'll get it straitened out. And will call that nice lady, apologize, and offer her some soap on the house. but until then, SHOOT!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

On the rack and Famers Market

Today was the last day of the South Reno Farmers market and although I didn't sell as much as last week, I am sorry to see it end. I had a great time talking to the other vendors and to the managers who hold a specialness all thier own. I enjoy being out in the sunshine meeting people and spinning. It's a wonderful way to spend a sunday morning.

Due to great sales last week, I have had to replen both Peppalyptus and Lavender this week and will be refilling others next week. It's exciting; replening means that my product is out there. and I can't really ask for much more than that

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Aw, Crap

There are some days when you just have to concede that it is not a good day for making soap.

If it's 8:30 at night and you realize you are out of a key ingediant? You might concede. But you can make other kinds.

Except that the battery in my thermometer died.

So I decided to grind some herbs. And was reminded that my last roommate used my herb grinder to grind coffee.

I cleaned it out, yes. But still. One frustration after another and I have to say, maybe not today. Except I will grind some herbs. So that TOMORROW I can make soap. After I pick up peppermint Essential oil and a new battery!

Afoot. I am out and about and VERY excited!

There are fantastic things happening in the bubbly world.

Last week, I attended the South Reno Farmer's Market. I feel as though I was quite successful here; I sold 14 bars of soap! Almost ran out of Peppalyptus;  Manly and Butt Soap both were recieved well. I am looking forward to attending the last market on Sunday. It was wonderful seeing my product laid out completely for the first time in many years. So many colors! There are now 7 (SEVEN!!) different varieties of Bubbly Creations soap. Wow.

My website is still under construction! Nick has been very busy with it and life in general. I? Am thrilled to see what he has created for me. During this contruction period, I don't have bubbly email. I can always be reached through or

Tonight, I replen Peppalyptus. It won't be ready in time for Sunday, but at least I can tell people it's on the drying racks and maybe get some preorders? We will see.