Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Time is BUSY time!

Things are going well over here in the Elfin Cottage. Each Sunday I pack up everything and head on over the the South Reno Farmer's Market where I sit and spin all day. Ideally, I sell some soap too! (please please, oh sales gods, it sure would be nice to sell some more soap!)

I'm getting ready to make some pumpkin soap for the fall and I am waiting for my first ROUND soap to cure! Round has been an adventure and a learning experience. Those will go into goodie bags for an annual race in town called Galena Fest. Some new friends are on the board and have invited me to participate int eh craft fair portion! I am super excited to be there at the end of September and even more excited to have created a soap just for them.

Since there will be plenty, I have offered some to a woman putting together goodie bags for an equestrian event. I learned about it through If she doesn't take them, there MAY be soapy goodness in the mail for my loyal followers! I don't want to promise, sometimes it tough to get to the post office. Ok, sometimes it's hard to pay for that trip to the post office!

Ah, the joys of being a micro business.