Thursday, August 4, 2011

Full speed ahead! *speedbump*

About a month ago I decided that I needed one of these

I got the purpleberry one. I have been seriously missing the cutter I had at my last job and was able to justify the purchase by telling myself I could make my own banners and some for the Roller Girls as well. Plus I am plotting other things AND I want to make labels for the soap and all sorts of neat awesomeness. In my head.

The machine arrived, and was all pretty but I was super busy so it tool me like, a week to take it out of the box. then I downloaded thefree software it came with but it's not Mac compatible so I had to put it on the laptop. WHICH meant that I could play with my toy anywhere!

Since I wanted to hve plenty of room for laying out some banner material I cleared off my workbench in the garage. I even painted it. AND I unpacked the imprinter.

The cutter and the laptop don't communicate. I think they need couples counseling. Or I need to try harder. OR I need to fork out the bucks for the OTHER software that I found which IS Mac compatible. Then I will be able to SEE the graphics I am creating. (YAY) The laptop is really small. But the  Mac is in the house. Dangit.

Speedbumps. This too shall pass.