Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now, here's an odd nitch...

There are many, many Mommy Bloggers out there. There are many Mommy Business Bloggers. But Single Girls with a Boyfriend who has a Kid Buisiness Bloggers? holy crap. If they are out there, they are likely hiding from thier title!

I learned this weekend though that they don't have to be your kid. They can be any kid. what you are doing is just as interesting and they want to help just as much.

I'm a huge believer in child labor. That, I think, is why people have kids. So they won't have to do the dishes anymore. But a 4 year old, she brings a whole new element. She's too little to reach the sink. (for now...)

It's so easy to tell a kid to go play. That you are busy. To think she can't help because what you are doing is for sale and therefore has to be perfect. Or that what you are doing is too dangerous.

I learned that there is always something they can do. So they can feel a part of things instead of feeling like an outsider who "can't". I put that kid to work stuffing samples in plastic bags. And she was awesome at it. Was she slow? yeah. but she's FOUR. And free labor, so who am I to complain?

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