Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A whole new world

I remember the first item I ever posted to the world wide web for sale. It was a key box that I had purchased from Ikea with the intent of painting it and selling it on ebay, an online marketplace I had recently heard of where you could sell stuff you make and really, anything else.

I was simple in my painting, I took a picture, edited it with some photo editing software I had, (I removed the back ground, which was my messy desk and put it against a black background instead) and posted it.

It looked... Like the door from Twilight Zone. No wonder it didn't sell. There went my brilliant idea of making my fortune selling hand painted key cabinets. I wish I still had the picture so I could show you.

Point is, in thinking and photography skill, I haven't come much further. If you build it, they won't just come, you have to go out and find them. You have to entice them and schmooze them. Selling online isn't like selling at a craft fair where people look, they like, they buy. Or so I am learning.

As I learn more about what I will have to do to be successful as a soapmaker (or any other craft) I am realizing that it takes more than just having a webs site and some pictures. And holy crap, my pictures still suck! But I have looked at them over the years and they are improving. A little bit.

I have so far to go. So many things that need to learn.


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