Thursday, June 23, 2011

Busy busy!

I have been a busy girl with all that I do, but business great and things are moving along!

If you follow me on facebook, you have seen a few of the new product pictures I have taken. You can also look at the website for these. The new camera is awesome and someday I hope I can finish taking pictures of everything so I can have my dining room table back. So I can pile it full of crap again.

Seriously. If I didn't occasionally use it for it's intended purpose, I would find it a new home. I think that about my coffee table too.

I've been attending the South Reno Farmer's Market every Sunday and lemme tell you, I'm having a BLAST! And I'm selling soap. No complaints there!

I love Farmers Markets because I get to meet my customers and I really believe that I can sell my product way better than a picture or a description. I have had one repeat from last year and several who remembered me, which is very flattering because I don't think of myself as being a memorable person.

It also gives me the opportunity to collect stories. I sit with my spinning wheel and spin while I am there and people never fail to stop and talk to me about how I bring back happy memories of their grandmothers or great grandmothers doing the same thing. They tell me how the spinning wheels in their families have become cherished heirlooms. And children. The children are always drawn to it. Then I get to teach them about where their clothes come from and I feel like I have accomplished something other than yarn.

All in all, it's very positive and every week I leave feeling (exhausted!) accomplished. Am I a millionaire yet? hardly. but this year, my goal is to break even or make a small profit. Not a big goal, but I believe in starting slowly and not expecting miracles. I am surrounded by them anyway.

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