Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A lazy little elf

Wow. Here I started out the new year intending to post here at least every week and I fell off within a month. That's ok, I forgive me.

Life gets in the way of our best intentions sometimes. And honestly? I've hit a bit of a creative wall. All I want to do is vacuum and mop the floor. Or at least I did last week. Sunday, I printed 200 pencils. I love playing with the imprinter. And this morning, I woke up with a brilliant idea. I love waking up with brilliant ideas.

It feels good to be excited.

Last week I had a pretty good blow to my momentum (which could explain the whole mopping thing) when my computer crashed. Tonight, I hope to either get it fixed or find out how much it will cost to fix it. My data is saveable. WHEW! I don't want to have to recreate everything!! Again!!

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