Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little tiny baby steps...

It's amazing how time can get away from you. The demands of life can so easily get in the way of the desires of your dreams. Sometimes, I forget that my dream is waiting for me, just behind that door, the one I plan to label "Dream" as soon as I am home long enough to put up the vinyl.

Thankfully, every so often, I get a reminder. Today I had two. One was from the inspirational DonnaMaria of when she blogged about how you need to ASK for what you want not just talk about what you don't have. So much in life is provided just by asking. I know this. I know this SO well. So why don't I ask for my business?

The other, was in my email box. A promotional code from that made the cost of getting stickers so low, I had NO excuse not to order. Stickers are GREAT advertising! And I know that SO many of my girls will take them and put them on stuff. I can give them away and with that promo code? They were 13 cents each (promo code is summertime) I only had to buy 100. 

Gotta keep on moving forward.

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