Thursday, June 25, 2009

Time after time

I talk a lot about how I don't seem to have the time I need to work on my business. I have come to realize that this may indeed be a bunch of hooey.

I've had another revelation.

I was reading the wonderful links that the Packagina Diva posts on twitter and I was hit with the realization that at my home, i have everything I need to succeed in business. In fact, over the years I have managed to collect more than most people start out with. It's all right there. so why am i not taking advantage of it?

The excuse I have been giving is time. That with work and derby and life, business has fallen so far down on my list of priorities that I am ashamed to call myself a business owner.

On the tail of the realization that I have everything I need, I realized that I have the time too. I just haven't been spending it wisely. so rather than try and cut out the things that I spend my time on, I want to limit them. Keep to 15 minutes of internet time per evening instead of browsing facebook and playing bejeweled for hours. Take soap with me and wrap it while my pup plays with his friend and the dog park. Have a set day when I go to the grocery instead of hitting it when I feel like it.

These are things, I know, that most people do automatically. Things that Franklin Covey has known for years. Heck, I have known them for years. Actually organizing yourself and putting this stuff into action despite the universe throwing constant pitches is the part that is difficult. I have come to accept that I am not going to give up skating or give up the responsibilities I have taken on within my league. I'm not going to stop dating or hanging out with my friends. But I can make an effort at not wasting time.

This task isn't as easy as it sounds. I am very easily distracted. I have found ways to work around this at work but at home I have far more things to grab my attention. You will find, floating around my house, any number of to do lists, daily planners, piles of random randomocity. there are binders of storage ideas, magazines I like, knitting patterns. Reciepts.

It seems to me like this can all be consolodated. preferably into something I can keep with me.

I think I'm gonna need a backpack for a purse...

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