Thursday, March 18, 2010

Where have I been?

I've been... Lazy for lack of a better term. Although I have been very, very busy.

Since September, BC has moved to what will hopefully be it's permanant home-Or at least until we outgrow it! I closed escrow on my very first house which is, appropriately, turquoise. I love every square foot.

Although I admit much of my delay in returning to business has been about laziness, I am proud to say that I am back on it and with the fervor I had in the beginning when I was actually profitable.

I have learned a lot about how I let fear get in my way, namely, my fear of failing. Right now, I am learning from Milton Hershey how you can't be afraid to experiment even if it means that you might fail. Hershey spent months and money researching and experimenting until he managed to perfect the recipe and technique for milk chocolate. He didn't worry about the cost, he didn't worry about the failures, he knew that if the swiss could do it, so could he.

I'm not looking to make chocolate, to build a zillion dollar empire complete with my own town, but the lessons are the same. I have to stop being afraid to try for fear of the time and money lost. I am going to start using my resources. and DO it. Other people do, so can I. For goodness sake, the materials don't do me any good sitting on the shelf!!

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