Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's amazing how a little step forward or an attempt to step forward can thrill and excite me.

Today I applied for a credit card swiper that will attach to my ipod touch. It's not just for playing Cut the Rope anymore, folks.

I am hoping that this will assist me in getting sales during the Farmers Market this year. I will also have to get an adapter that makes my Cricket Modem a wifi hotspot.

Amazing what technology can do. I remember when they had the carbon swipers at the grocery store. And how fun I thought it would be to be a checker. And how cool the automatic change makers were. They still are. I love those things.

It's possible that intuit will decide that I'm not worth the terminal. I hope not. But for now, I will be excited that I am trying to improve my services.

I upgraded the computer the other day too. Now I can get a new printer.

I bought a new camera too. I can't WAIT to play with it. Pictures to come. And better product photos too.

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