Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Forehead Slap

I think, probably, my best soap conversation starter has got to be my license plate. I'm proud of myself for snagging "SoapGrl" when I had the chance, because, well, people ask about it. A lot. I have made a few sales from explaining that it means that I make and sell soap. (not that I like soap operas as is also occasionally assumed)

Yesterday, I was at the gas station when the fellow in the car in front of me asked, "So, do you make soap?"

To which I explained that I did and that I own a small business. He seemed interested in it, although he did follow up with the second most frequently asked question I get which was, "Like in Fight Club?"

No. Eew. Why in the world would I make soap out of human fat? I'd have to render that stuff. And pull out all the capillaries and other such detritus that feeds the fat in our bodies. (seriously. look it up.)

Nope. Vegetarian soap for me. Then all I have to deal with is a greasy ice cream scoop.

So, gas station dude. Interested in my soap. A lightbulb went off. I SHOULD GIVE HIM A BUSINESS CARD!!!!

I didn't have any. None. Not one. Not even a Reno Roller Girls one that he could use to find me somehow.


You know I mean a different 4 letter word that starts with "F", but this is a "G" rated blog and I try to keep it clean for business.

I know better. I know WAY WAY better.

another lost sale. I have GOT to get better at this...

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