Friday, December 16, 2011

Where can you find Bubbly Creations Soap?

A coworker just asked me where she can pick up some Bubbly Creations Soap. There are several ways.

1. My website ( if you live in Washoe County, enter coupon code WASHOE and I'll deliver for FREEEEE. In fact, I'll even deliver right up to December 21. Any later than that and I will be unable to deliver unless you are a family member or live near my mom since I will be on the flatfoot express at that point. And yes, they are quite flat.

2. Out of my purse. If you want to skip the website and like to pay cash, shoot me an email ( and we can play "buy it out of my trunk" for cash or checks. This is another local only option, but I can meet you for covert soap sales.

3. Epilog Books in Quincy, CA. That's right. there's an independant (and pretty rad) bookstore in Quincy (a little town tucked in the Sierras) bookstore carrying my soap on consignment. I like it there.

4. SOMETIMES I am at local craft fairs (too disorganized to do it but once this year) and during the Summer, I am at the South Reno Farmer's Market at the Grove.

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