Monday, August 5, 2013

Horrifying. Just, Horrifying

My Coworker has a sister who tried and liked my soap. Hooray!

She ordered more in June.

I got the order today. Since she had planned to pay by check, I didn't get the notification from PayPal, and for some reason, I didn't get the usual "you have an order" email that I usually get from my webhost.

One of the two bars was supposed to be a gift.

I feel like a total jerk.

I'll be sending the bars to her house complimentary today. I sent her an email apologizing for the mix up. I would LIKE to talk to her sister about it, but really? It's not her business to tell me everything will be okay because this is a business transaction that has nothing to do with her.

So off the soap goes today, and hopefully I will save the customer. I think, since she likes the Summer Sun that I will send a bar of Lemongrass too for her to try.

It's serious butt kissing time.

And I learned, that I need to check my "recent orders" section daily. Just in case I miss one. I CAN blame my host for that, but honestly? It's my responsibility!

I hope this one has a good end. If not, it's still a good lesson.

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