Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FIRE!! and a contest

There's nothing like shelling out a buncha money to put a fire under your butt to sell and recoup those losses.

When I got home yesterday after paying my business taxes, I finally got around to starting up a batch of soap. My first in too many months.

While I was waiting for it to heat, I thought about where I want this business to go. I have always said that I want to own my own business, and that was a very easy goal to achieve. What I forgot to specify is that I want it to be a PROFITABLE business. I want to be able to do it full time. I want to become a much larger part of the handmade soap community and provide nationwide customers with a product I can be proud of. I would like to be able to say that my product has a lower impact on the environment than traditional detergent soaps. I would like to say that it has a lower impact on your BODY than traditional detergent soaps. (that's automatic). I want to be shipping out many boxes every day. I want to be supplying on a wholesale basis.

I want to personally connect with my customers.

I want to rename all my soaps!! Except Butt and Mae Flowers.

SO! I am holding a contest!

Contest will run for 3 weeks. (the time it takes for the current batch to cure.) Prize will be your chosen name on my soap AND a free bar of it when it is cured. I will choose the winner and notify you by email. I will choose according to the following criteria:

It describes the soap.
It makes me smile.
It makes my hair stand on end.

Remember that soaping is something I love to do so naming always comes from my heart. Choosing cannot be more scientific than that.

About the soap you are naming:

This is only the second time I have made this soap, it is Castille Soap as it was meant to be made; with pure olive oil. Scentless, no additives, just soap. This is wonderful for people who have sensitive skin, or who cannot handle heavy purfumes and scents. I originally made this one for my mom when I first started Bubbly Creations because she is allergic to coconut and I wanted her to be able to use my soap. Since trying a sample I happened to have left over, my Derby Wife has been asking every couple of months for me to make some more. Then a lady I do business with asked for some as she cannot use products with a lot of chemicals. I like it too.

Since it was warm out, I set the oil out in the sun to heat and let the lye cool to temperature instead of heating it up after cooling it overnight like I usually do. So, the only energy used to manufacture this batch was the electricity it took to run my stick blender for 3 minutes. Awesome.

Leave your suggestions in Comments!!

OOH! This just in from my brain!!! A Bubbly Creations Sticker to every entrant! I promise to send the ones where the puppy only chewed the corners!


  1. "Oliváceo Non Olivastro"

    It roughly translates "(Spanish)Olive (Italian)Not Olive". This is based on a ver rudimentary knowledge of the languages and of soap making.

    What is often refered to as Castille soap today is basic white soap, as patterned from Italy. What you did, describes morre of the Spanish way of making Castille soap. So, it described the soap as, "Spanish Castialian, not Italian" olive oil-based soap.

  2. It's super gentle? To me, a great soap is one that doesn't burn my underneath. "Coochie soap" it would complement the Butt Soap nicely.