Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Utilitarian Soap

In comparison with other soap comapnies, mine is a little "Plain Jane" Colors range from white to dark greenish brown. They are rectangular. Hardly something to be compared with a delicately sculpted bright pink, flowery confection. But unlike flowers, I can build mini stonehenge with mine.

There is a reason for this. I want you to use my soap.

I firmly believe in my product. I use what I make, and I make it to be used. While I wouldn't laugh at you for desplaying the pretty packaging (coming soon!) for a little while, what I really want you to do is to take it into the shower and rub it all over.

Because it's soap and it will clean your body. It smells good and is a little bit scrubby.

It would make me sad to come over to your house and see you saving the soap I made for a special occasion. Or displaying it for your guests to see (covered in dust).  It would bring me great joy to see my soap sitting in your shower, half used and eagerly awaiting your next bath.

I make it to be used. Feeling Dirty?

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