Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Research into online soap sales

I have been busy. Not just life busy, but when I am able, soap busy.

Sadly, this time I'm not busy creating, I am busy researching!

So much to learn, so little time. I thought that if I finally had a website I wasn't afraid to hand over to people (which I did once, but it died) then I would sell, sell, sell! No so. It turns out that I need to wiggle my butt into the online world of soaping as well as just have a site available.

And, I need to find my nitch. I know that I have a wonderful product. There are a few things holding me back and I know that only I have the key to changing them.

  • I don't like to give out my business cards. I know, it's silly. and really dumb.
  • I still haven't put my stickers on my car. WTF? That, right there, is a 10 to 50 mile per day advertising opportunity and I don't even have to pay for it!
  • I have samples promised, and never sent. Once again, a, I trying to undermine myself?
The list goes on. I am determined though. Does someone have some time I can have?

1 comment:

  1. Do worry to hard...you are not alone. I am the worst at handing out business cards. In fact, most of the time at shows when people ask me for them I end up fumbling in my purse hoping that one is at the bottom ;-)

    And your last point...I know all too well. I tell everyone that I alone am my worst enemy. I make an awesome soap! People ask me all the time for samples or to stop by and drop some off to see if they'd sell in their shop. I smile and say "sure!" but never do. I have to physically (at least that's what it feel like) force myself to promote my own product. Which is weird seeing that I come from a retail background and was always a top seller.

    Sometimes you just got to tell yourself over and over "If someone asks...then I'm going to go through with it and make it happen! Step out of my box." Good luck.